Most engineering type jobs involve large volumes of work that must be divided in order to be completed in a reasonable time frame.  Performing tasks in a group/team environment often increases individual productivity by means of accountability.  Also, work is often done more thoroughly if a team of people is held accountable for the outcome, in which case more review and thought (via multiple persons) is put into a work package.  Teams of people can also build off of each others strengths and fill in where others have weaknesses.

From my work experience at Moog Inc., I personally found working with a team quite effective and more enjoyable than working alone all the time.  Even working in pairs helped me to learn a lot and increase the quality of my work, as well as increasing the quality of my partner’s work.  My team included members from different functional groups of the department – a manager, a project engineer, a development engineer, a designer, and myself helping out wherever needed.  We were able to use our different skills to the better of the company and accomplish relatively large and tedious tasks quickly and thoroughly.

Another place where I have used teamwork to it’s fullest is in competitive video games.  Teamwork and synergy is what separates your average gamers from their top tier competitors in any team based competitive game.  I have practiced applying teamwork in a competitive environment at frequent local network parties with my college classmates.

It is my desire to obtain a position where working with other people as a team is encouraged under the appropriate circumstances; for both the better of the company, and to increase the quality of the work environment for the employees.